Our Work

These before and after photos will never be featured in a magazine. But, they are an excellent example of the difference between how we live, and how we sell. Most were achieved with little or no money. Not every home can be emptied, and then staged with beautiful furniture. Most of us live in our homes while it is on the market. Home Staging Online Services can help you turn your befores into afters!

To view these photos click on the arrow and drag to the left to view the after shot, drag the arrow to the right to view the before shot. If you are using a mobile device, lift your finger up to view in full lighting.

Before: Too much clutter makes it difficult to see how much space there is

After: Now you see an abundance of counter space and a beautiful backsplash

Before: A strand of lights for a headboard can be distracting

After: A pair of bedside lamps are more inviting

Before: This is too casual for a formal dining room

After: A runner instead of a tablecloth makes a big difference

Before: Mirrored wall, frilly curtains, and mismatched bedding dated this bedroom

After: Neutral décor and coordinated bedding create an inviting space

Before: Bold paint colors can detract from the home’s features

After: Neutral paint makes the tile surround stand out

Before: Cluttered and disorganized

After: Baskets and new hangers create harmony

Before: A large room can look cold and stark with few furniture pieces

After: Adding a sofa and art makes this room look warm and inviting

Before: Blue exterior paint may turn some buyers off

After: A more neutral shade complements the door and stained glass window

Before: Overpowering accessories and furniture placement detract from home’s features

After: Now, the fireplace wall takes center stage

Before: Tired bedding and dated lamps don’t help this room

After: New lamps, art, and bedding give this room an expensive looking makeover

Before: Dated wallpaper and window treatments add to the confusion

After: Neutral paint and furniture placement that makes sense

Before: Another confusing room with casual table and mismatched chairs

After: A wonderful dining room with attractive built-ins

Before: Nothing relaxing about this powder room

After: More neutral paint, a candle, plant and art transform this room

Before: Rule—lamps should never be bigger than the table

After: Everything in scale creates an inviting reading space

Before: Furniture placement ignores the fireplace, oversized lamps are distracting

After: Room is more inviting, fireplace stands out

Before: This basement bookcase looks sad and forgotten

After: Adding foliage and art objects breathes new life into it

Before: Curtains and no window can be puzzling

After: This inexpensive metal art gives the illusion of a headboard

Before: An odd mix of décor can be distracting

After: Neutral art, rug and lighting make a more cohesive look

Before: Toys and misplaced furniture can be distracting

After: Neutral art and accessories make the room more inviting

Before: Good example of how a multi-use room can be confusing to buyers

After: This is how a dining room should look when you are selling your home

Before: Floating area rug and furniture placement do nothing for this room

After: Anchoring the rug with chairs flanking the fireplace makes for a cozy space